National cultural organisations and programmes often focus on national interests or the promotion of arts abroad. In recent years trans-national organisations have emerged that do support European, bilateral or multilateral cooperation processes. These organisations differ widely in their focus, aims, procedures and legal structures. Some are operational and develop own programmes, while others offer grants to individuals, organisations or projects.

In the following a selection of programmes is listed that are open for applications also for artists in Germany:

  • The European Cultural Foundation, based in Amsterdam, promotes cultural exchange and cooperation with a European character. It supports cultural policy development in Europe, advocacy actions, intercultural dialogue, research and capacity building. The foundation runs its own supporting programmes and awards grants to artists and organisations.
  • The Fonds Roberto Cimetta in Paris promotes artistic exchange and the mobility of professionals in the field of contemporary performing arts and visual arts within the Mediterranean area. With the support of a number of partners, the Roberto Cimetta Fund has set up a programme for awarding individual travel grants. The programme is intended to operate simply and flexibly, selections are organised regularly (every 5 to 6 weeks). The travel grant programme is open for professionals in the Mediterranean; European professionals may apply for projects that have a strong Mediterranean connection.
  • The Asia-Europe Foundation, based in Singapore, promotes mutual understanding between Asia and Europe through intellectual, cultural and people-to-people exchanges. In the field of arts and culture, it carries out work in different areas, ranging from cultural policy to artistic exchanges. Projects and activities allow people with different backgrounds to sustain a dialogue and to cooperate in the various fields of arts and culture.
  • The funding database of touring artists contains about 300 programs of public institutions, foundations, associations, companies, etc. in Germany that support the international mobility of artists (database in German). In addition, some European and international programs are included. (Note: an updated version of the funding database will be published in the first quarter of 2023).