Residencies and exchange programmes are much important for the artists’ international careers. They offer access to networks and possibly new markets; they create links between local art scenes and international artists and audiences. Therefore they play a key role within the mobility infrastructure.

IGBK has published a mapping of AiR-programs in Germany for visual artists mapping of AiR-programs in Germany for visual artists on its website.

The following organisations and networks share information on residencies and exchange programmes and related topics:

DutchCulture I TransArtists

DutchCulture I TransArtists offers the most comprehensive online resource for artist residency programs worldwide. The website includes contact information, advice and assistance, open calls for tenders, first-hand reports and a database which allows users to search for residencies by country or topic, for example. The website also includes a checklist, which provides guidance before submitting an application. The checklist is divided into four sections: motivation, search and selection, application and financing.
Res Artis – Worldwide Network of Artist Residencies

Res Artis is an Australian-based network of artists’ residences with members in more than 70 countries. The goal is to network organisations and individuals active in the artists residency sector. The website is another good resource for researching artists residences.Since 2023 IGBK is an associated member of Res Artis.

European Union Policy Handbook on Artists’ Residencies

The 2014 Policy Handbook on Artists’ Residencies was developed by an EU working group within the framework of the open method of coordination (OMC) on artists’ residencies. The handbook is a useful source of information on different residency models and offers an overview of examples of good practice and residency programmes in Europe.
Guide for Artists’ Residencies

The Guide for Artists’ Residencies of the Artist Communities Alliance provides extensive information on artists’ residencies and offers a detailed search function.

Residencies abroad

  • The Goethe-Institut has its own residency programmes and also collaborates with various institutions worldwide. The residencies are open to German artists.
  • The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) and the federal states, coordinated by the Kulturstiftung der Länder, facilitate guest stays, for example at Villa Massimo and Casa Baldi (Rome), the German Study Centre in Venice, and the Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris).

Residencies in Germany

Country-specific resources

  • China: China Residencies is a non-profit organization that has published a website on artists’ residencies in China.
  • Estonia: LOORE is the Estonian Creative Residencies Network. 
  • France: The Centre National des Arts Plastiques has published the ‘Residencies in France’ handbook on artists’ residencies in France, which is available online.
  • Finland: The Finnish Artist Residency Network – FAIRE presents an overview of artists’ residences in Finland and their residency programmes.
  • Japan: AIR_J – Online Database of Artist in Residence programmes in Japan. is an extensive information resource providing information on residencies in all artistic disciplines in Japan.
  • Luxembourg: A guide to residencies in Luxembourg can be found on the website, published by the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture (in French).
  • Sweden: SWAN is the Swedish Artist Residency Network. 
  • Switzerland: is an information platform for artists, artists’ residences and guest studios in Switzerland.
  • USA: In addition to many other activities, the Artist Communities Alliance offers extensive information on residencies for artists, primarily in the U.S. The website includes a directory of residency programmes, as well as information on networks and tips for funding opportunities and applications.